Routing Helper

Job Description

Network Operations Managers plan, direct, maintain, and coordinate network installation, maintenance, and operations. They oversee the operation data centres for their companies through recruiting, leading, and mentoring teams of Network Engineers.

These managers use strategic planning to ensure their team members stay on schedule. Network Operations Managers are also responsible for ensuring compliance with company policies and guidelines.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Plan, direct, maintain, and coordinate network installation, maintenance and operations
• Recruit, manage and mentor a team of Network Engineers
• Create troubleshooting and maintenance protocols
• Select hardware, software, and vendors according to organizational needs and budgets
• Ensure compliance with company policies and guidelines
• Configure, monitor and troubleshoot network problems

Job Specification

Skills & Competencies

• Proficient in recruiting, leading, managing and mentoring employees
• Thorough understanding of wireless networking and general IT functions
• Policy development and enforcement skills
• Expertise in written and verbal communication
• Excellent troubleshooting, problem-solving and collaborative skills
• Keen attention to detail
• Interpersonal skills and experience in presenting
• Teamwork skills
• Understanding of business
• Fluency in English, Hindi and Nagamese


B. E. (Electronics/ Computer Science/ Information Technology)




A proven track record, and relevant experience such as a previous role as a network engineer, IT support technician or IT manager in a telecom company; Minimum 4- 5 years of relevant experience


At par with industry standards