Introductory Plans


These plans are available in Aosettsu, Mopungchuket, Alichen, Longkhum, Sungratsu, Kakching, Khangshim, and Pallel.

SymBios Broadband Services provides blazing-fast, secure Internet access and can be delivered to your homes.

Based on user location, the best mode of connectivity is ascertained during a feasibility study, and, connectivity is delivered using direct Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology.

Three Months Connection Free

SymBios Starter

  • 400 GB Data @ 30 Mbps
  • Unlimited Data @ 6 Mbps FUP Speed
Download Speed30Mbps


High Speed Data400GB
Unlimited FUP Speed6Mbps
3 months Connection Free
499 Monthly
Bright Tutee 1 Year Subscription Free

Charges & Terms:

*Available Installation Plans:

  • Installation Plan: 1999 (plus GST) OFFER: 3 months Connection Free
  • Installation Plan: 2999 (plus GST) OFFER: 3 months Connection Free & 50% Discount on 4th & 5th & 6th Month Bill.

*Security deposit: NIL (Minimum hire period 12 months)

*Dual Details: Dual Band Router

* Free Fiber: 80 (Eighty) meters will be free. Post 80 m, extra fiber will be charged as per the existing rates (₹15 per meter).

*Disconnection: Disconnection is not allowed during the minimum hire period of 12 (Twelve) Months from the date of connection.

*Plan Change:

  • Plan change is not applicable for the period of 6(Six) months for 1999 Installation plan & .
  • Plan change is not applicable for the period of 12(Twelve) months for 2999 Installation plan & .

*18% GST applicable on rental

*Bright Tutee 1 Year Subscription Free for one class only from 6 to 10

*FUP= Fair Usage Policy speed applies

*Rental to be paid in advance after installation

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